Mission Statement

The mission of the Covington County School District Technology Department is to support the overall district mission by providing technological and communications related guidance to support the students, faculty, staff, and administration of the Covington County School District with the utmost concern for creating an environment that is safe, secure, and focused on inquiry based learning through the use of technology in order to enable students to achieve academic Excellence.

Vision Statement

The Covington County School District Technology Department believes that technology is a resource that enhances the teaching and learning experience by empowering students and teachers. Additionally, technology provides staff the tools needed to efficiently and effectively operate all District administrative and support requirements. It is the vision of the Department to create an environment where students, teachers, and staff have safe, secure, and reliable access for all technology that fosters creativity, critical-thinking and higher learning.

Technology News


Technology Directors Message

Posted: May 17, 2023

Welcome to the Covington County School District Technology Department. With our rapidly growing district, technology's main purpose is to provide up-to-date technology and technical support to teachers, administration, and other district employees to maximize the learning opportunities for all Covington County School District students.

Will Beasley Technology Director